Millennium Fever

    (Vertigo, 1995-1996)
ô and ©1995 Nick Abzadis and Duncan Fegredo

(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Millennium Fever starts off as a comic about the everyday worries and joys of a young studentís life. Of mixed parentage, his motherís going off the deep end after the death of her baby and his fatherís turned into a brick wall. He wishes either of his grandmothers were alive to advise him, and worries that heíll never lose his virginity. Eventually he answers a personal ad and meets the perfect partner. Until, that is, she turns out to be an embodiment of the soul of the universe, or something like that.

Nick Abzadisí script scores highly for authentic street language and emotional honesty, but loses points for getting wrapped up in ecological mysticism towards the end. His propositions are no odder than a common-or-garden Sandman story, but by being so convincing in the early pages he leaves the reader unprepared for the weird stuff. The story uses long chunks of narrative to progress and comment on the behavior of the characters, rather than dialogue, which makes it text-heavy in parts. Duncan Fegredo draws modern people in a modern style and by this stage has learnt to control some of the scribbly excesses of his early work. He suits the tone of the story well, able to draw cosmic encounters as well as London street scenes with conviction. Pity he wasnít left to do a bit more of the work. ~FJ

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