Batman: Absolution

    (DC, 2003)
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Ten years ago an attack on Wayne Enterprises by a group of urban terrorists left behind fiery death and a Batman vowing revenge. After a decade of futile searching, near misses and frustration, Batman finds himself in India, nipping at the heels of the perpetrator. When he finally confronts the woman responsible, he must also confront the question of whether any human being can truly change—especially an amoral mass murderer.

J. M. DeMatteis, known for infusing his super-hero stories with Eastern ideas, actually makes those ideas work for this tale of revenge and redemption. He is ably assisted by Brian Ashmore’s lush paintings, which perfectly capture both the emotion of Batman’s vengeance and the splendor that is India. Batman: Absolution asks the question, can a villain really become a better person? Ultimately, the answer is left to the reader.
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#1 Hardcover

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J.M. DeMatteisBrian Ashmore