The Assassination of Malcolm X

    (Zone, 1993)
Script ©1993 Jack & Karen Herman. Art ©1993 Michael Avon Oeming

The Assassination of Malcolm X presents a detailed account of the murder of the famous Black Nationalist leader in 1965. But don’t expect a conventional comic-book approach. The text-based presentation is politically charged and accompanied by full-page black-and-white illustrations in stark, high-contrast woodcut style. Many of the images, which appear to be based on photographs or video clips, make a powerful and disturbing impression.

The story discusses the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of Malcolm X and the possibility of conspiracies and plots against him by former associates in the Nation of Islam, as well as by government agencies who kept close tabs on many radical leaders during the 1960s. Rather than suggest a clear answer, The Assassination of Malcolm X leaves conclusions to the reader, but furnishes much more information and evidence than is generally presented in mainstream sources.
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Jack Herman, Karen HermanMichael Avon Oeming