Book of the Damned: A Hellraiser Companion (Clive Barker’s…)

    (Epic, 1991-1993)
™ and ©1992 Clive Barker

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser was a story of a man who made a career out of exploring evil. Then, with the help of a strange puzzle box, he opened a doorway into a dimension of pain. The denizens of that realm were a strange and ghastly lot, including the infamous “Pinhead”—a creature with pins embedded at regular intervals in his scalp. In Hellraiser, the man made the mistake of crossing these demons and paid a terrible, bloody price.

In opening up the door to that other dimension, Clive Barker created a whole new mythology of the bizarre. This deluxe format series explores that mythology, including the origin of the puzzle box itself and its depraved creator.
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October, 1991
Cover Price: $4.95
3 copies available from $21.00
Larry WachowskiAndrew Paquette, John Bolton, John Rheaume, Eliot Brown, John Van Fleet, Jon J. Muth, Joe Barruso, Mark Evans, Dan Brereton, Miran Kim
April, 1992
Cover Price: $4.95
1 copy available for $29.99
Malcolm Smith, Fred Vicarel, Anna Miller, Larry Wachowski, Daniel G. ChichesterAndrew Edwards, Mark Evans, Mark Pacella, Shawn Martinbrough, Joe Barruso, Paris Cullins, Miran Kim, John Rheaume, Mark Chiarello, Eliot Brown, John Van Fleet, Scott Hampton, Paul Johnson, Ovi Hondru, Timothy Georgerakis
November, 1992
Cover Price: $4.95
2 copies available from $25.00
Eliot Brown, John RozumBill Sienkiewicz, Dan Lawlis, Dave McKean, Eliot Brown, John Rheaume, Jorge Zaffino, Paul Johnson, Tristan Shane
September, 1993
Cover Price: $4.95
2 copies available from $23.00
Larry WachowskiTristan Schane, Scott Koblish, Dan Lawlis, Bill Koeb, Joe Barruso, Kent Williams, Miran Kim, Bartis Allen, Kevin Somers