Tales of the Armorkins

    (Co. & Sons, 1971)
™ and © 1971 by Larry S. Todd

A spaceship from another galaxy enters Earth’s atmosphere, sending the population into a frenzy and putting the military on full, totally uptight alert. The visitors, the Armorkins, are not welcomed with open arms; in fact, many of them are imprisoned by the army, interrogated by tough-as-nails generals, and studied by nerdy scientists. This is not to say that this is an inordinately serious comic book: it’s not! Creator Larry S. Todd uses the Armorkins earthbound experiences to satirize some of humanity’s more outrageous and contradictory behavior. Underground comics at their scathing best.

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 AdultLarry S. ToddLarry S. Todd, Trina Robbins

#1 - 2nd printing

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Green strip bottom of back coverAdultLarry S. ToddLarry S. Todd