Ammo Armageddon

Atomeka, stories © their respective authors.

It seems as if the dominant science-fiction theme today is the “alien threat that must be pacified by use of excessive, perhaps nuclear force.” And while such stories can be a lot of fun to read, any overused theme can get stale.

That’s why Atomeka’s Ammo Armageddon is such a delightful surprise. A one-shot, deluxe special edition, it collects some out-and-out alien slugfest stories with some very unusual endings. It begins with “Mechonismechs,” a story which appears to be about a pilot’s struggle against an unstoppable war machine, but in reality is much stranger (and funnier). This is followed up by “Bug Hunt,” an almost direct retelling of the story of the movie Aliens’, but with a surprise twist at the end. The other stories in this volume continue in this vein, balancing the thrills and action of space battle with humor and irony.

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  Ian Edginton, Jerry Paris, John Tomlinson, John Beeston, Warren EllisDean Ormston, Henry Flint, Jerry Paris, John Beeston, Phil Winslade