Tales of Lethargy

™ and ©1993 Greg Hyland and Steve Reman

Tales of Lethargy is a continuation of Alpha’s infamous “Lethargic Comics Weakly” (which was definitely lethargic, but did not come out weekly). For three “glorious” issues, Tales of Lethargy brought readers the continuing antics of Gun Guy, Ghost Guy, and Guy With Claws (spoofs of Marvel’s Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine, respectively). These were presented as a sort of “double-feature” alongside the adventures of Him (an arrangement which itself spoofed Marvel’s old Tales of Suspense series). And of course, it could hardly be called Tales of Lethargy without the odd appearance from the beloved Lethargic Lad. These brave heroes join together to battle Japanese-speaking spiders, cursed Tiki idols, and that dreadest of all dread villains, Evil Thumb!

Following this title’s third issue, it took a two-month hiatus, then returned in January, 1994 as Lethargic Comics.

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