The Books of Faerie: Auberonís Tale

    (Vertigo, 1998)
ô and ©1998 DC Comics, Inc.

Even the magical world of Fairie, comprised of disparate citizens like fairies, elves, trolls, and brownies, is not immune from the sordid machinations of political intrigue. In this sequel to The Books of Faerie, the much despised King Magnus has become the target of a plot by several lords of the aristocracy for his debauchery and arrogance. When he inexplicably and quite foolishly challenges a troll to the death in a contest, the troll reluctantly kills him, leaving the conspirators to argue the line of succession. Conflict rises between two likely candidates, Lord Grimwar and Lord Obrey, both cousins of Magnus. Obrey, who had criticized the conspiratorsí assassination plans, has no support with them. When Amadan, an illegitimate son of Magnus, reminds Obrey that a son exists from the Magnusí older sister, Mab, Obrey senses that this boy, Auberon, could be his path to power.

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Book #1

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Collects series plus stories from Books of Magic #57, 58, The Books of Magic Annual #1Bronwyn Carlton, John Ney RieberMark Buckingham, Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly