Battle to the Death

    (Imperial, 1987-1988)
™ Imperial Comics. ©1987 John Arcudi/Jim Rohn/Dave Harrison

Lt. Katsu is a cop in Japan. In his line of work he sees everything from rapists to robbers, but he has never seen anything like this! First zombies rose from the dead and began attacking innocent people. Eventually Lt. Katsu and his Ninja friends defeated the zombies, but then he discovered that his boss, Captain Tanasa, had other even more dastardly plans in store for him.

Battle to the Death ran three issues in the late 1980s. It’s a comic that had everything: rock and roll, samurai, intrepid rogue cops, zombies, and wisecracking Ninja. Of course, it didn’t particularly make much sense, but to its credit, it never let that small detail get in the way of having fun.

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 Published by EternityJohn Arcudi, Jonathan Grove, Robert MayhewFrank Turner