Angel Fire

    (Crusade, 1997)
™ and ©1997 William Elliott Tucci

Anastasia Pizer is no ordinary spy. After she was injected with microscopic nanites, she developed enhanced strength, remarkable healing ability and an array of largely unexplained energy powers, all of which made her a valuable if unpredictable asset to her company. In this series, she’s helping a renegade Russian agent recover a doomsday weapon—codenamed Angel Fire—before it falls into the wrong hands (although it’s not entirely clear which hands those are). Since this is a Crusade Comic, it’s practically a requirement that this series feature a guest appearance by Shi, the crown jewel (perhaps the only jewel?) in Bill Tucci’s minor comics empire. The series is scripted by veteran writer Dan Mishkin, with art by Roberto Flores.

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#1 Variation A

4 copies available from $1.00
Wraparound photo coverDan MishkinRoberto Flores

#1 American Entertainment Edition

2 copies available from $3.99
American Entertainment exclusive (on bed, surrounded by cherubs)Dan MishkinRoberto Flores

#1 Variation B

5 copies available from $0.55
Black background coverDan MishkinRoberto Flores

#1 Variation C

1 copy available for $9.99
White background coverDan MishkinRoberto Flores

#1 Variation D

1 copy available for $0.99
"Rising Sun”edition; “Rising Sun”edition; Photo cover with misspelled katakanaDan MishkinRoberto Flores


6 copies available from $0.50
 Dan MishkinRoberto Flores


7 copies available from $0.99
B&WDan MishkinRoberto Flores