JLA Classified: Cold Steel

 JCCS   (DC, 2005-2006)

™ and ©2005 DC Comics, Inc.

The recent soaring popularity of the Justice League has allowed for a plethora of JLA-related mini-series, one-shots, and specials. With a very thin plot, Cold Steel is a rather flimsy excuse to turn DC’s premier super team into giant robots.

When representatives of the alien Ghoji come to earth to ask the JLA’s help in their unjust war with the water-breathing Voruk, only Aquaman is skeptical of their motives. Moved by the Ghoji’s plight, the JLA travel to their planet to assist them in their struggle. To help with the underwater battles, the Ghoji provide towering, unique suits of armor to each JLA member. However, when the battle is joined, will the team still be able to believe their fight is just?

Cold Steel is written and hand-painted by Chris Moeller. Artistically, the paints lack fine detail, and costume details tend to change from one panel to the next. While obviously a labor of love, this counts as one of the weaker JLA mini-series.

— Jerry Smith

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