Solar, Man of the Atom—Hell on Earth

 SMOE   (Acclaim, 1998)

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Following Man of the Atom and Revelations, this series continues the story of Frank and Helena Selenski, twins who now share the inconceivable power of Solar. It’s the power of God, the power to solve all the ills of the world. They soon discover, however, that maybe God has a good reason for not interfering in the world. Everything they do has unforeseen and often cataclysmic results: like when they save the life of one cat, but inadvertently cause the destruction of the city of Seoul.

While the siblings struggle with these ramifications, events quickly get more out of their control. A malevolent entity seems to be chasing them, leaving even more havoc in its wake, while the other super beings in the world take steps to stop what they see as a threat to their entire reality. But can even the combined forces of the Eternal Warriors, Turok, Magnus, and others prevent the coming holocaust?

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8 copies available from $2.20
 Christopher PriestPatrick Zircher, Chris Cross


10 copies available from $1.75
Indicia says Jan 1998Christopher Priest, Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, Tom PeyerPatrick Zircher, Chris Cross


4 copies available from $3.15
 Christopher PriestPatrick Zircher, Chris Cross


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 Christopher PriestPatrick Zircher, Chris Cross