(Gauntlet, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Steven P. Jones

This black-and-white title from writer Steven P. Jones and artist Aldin Baroza chronicles the adventures of Nightlinger and Mike, his gorgeous Gal Friday. They operate out of a mysterious place called the Haunted Bookshop, and they investigate the paranormal. No, that’s not quite right: they get in the paranormal’s face! If supernatural forces—ghosts, zombies, vampires, etc.—are plaguing you, someone may hand you a card from the Haunted Bookshop and let you know that their problems were solved…by the card. You see, Nightlinger and Mike know that mankind’s encounters with the paranormal are not isolated; they are manifestations of the never-ending battle between the forces of light and darkness—a battle that could be lost in a heartbeat if our heroes ever look the other way.

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B&WSteven Philip JonesAldin Baroza


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B&WSteven Philip JonesAldin Baroza

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Collects Nightlinger #1-2, Nightlinger: Sins of the WerewolfSteven P. JonesChristopher Jones