Adventure Comics #276

DC     September, 1960

The Robinson Crusoe of Space!; PSA: Bike Safety = Bike Fun!; cartoon: Peter Puptent; The Aqua-Thief of the Seven Seas!; The Congorilla of Space!

 Otto Binder, Robert Bernstein, Henry Boltinoff

 Al Plastino, Ramona Fradon, Howard Sherman, Henry Boltinoff, Lee Elias

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Very Fine  
United States comicgranpop $235.00 1st Appearance of Sun Boy Congorilla appearance Aquaman appearance Superboy story Congorilla story Aquaman and Aqualad story Palisades Park admission ticket and ride coupons
Very Good  
United Kingdom Silverdollarcomics $29.50  
United States CapCoComics $50.00 Name written on cover
United States kdevine $63.60 1st Appearance of Sun Boy