Cracked #152

Globe     August, 1978

A Close Encounter with the Star Warz Gang; Methods for Dealing with Traveling Salesmen; Crackedís Inquiring Photographer Visits the Stars; The Proverbs and Familiar Sayings Museum; A Cracked Look at a State Pen; Super Hero Ads; Honesty on the Tube; One Morning on John Severinís Drawing Board; One Evening in the McDuffy Home; High Noonish; Cracked Interviews the Skateboard King; Shut-ups

 Joe Catalano, George Gladir, Gary Tallman, Leo Daveson, Bill Majeski, Murad Gumen, Randy Epley, Elaine Ozimok

 John Severin, Bill Ward, Don Oshek, Howard Nostrand, Warren Sattler, Bruce Day

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