Wham-O Giant Comics #1

Wham-O     April, 1967

1st appearance of Radian (Gilman Graves); Wraparound cover; Oversized oversize 14 X 21

The Man from Aeons; Experiment in Shock; Unexplored; The Mystery of the Moving Islands; the Unhumans; Stellar Apes; His Magic Chokes; Fugitive from a Scrap Pile; Wild Earth Child; A Helping Handsome; Tree’s a Crowd

 Wally Wood, W.T. Vinson, Shean, John Stanley, Ned, Ward Kimball

 Wally Wood, Lou Fine, Andre LeBlanc, Spike Steffenhagen, Mike Arens, Dennis Ellefson, Ernie Colón, Marvin Stein, John Ushler, Sururi Gümen, Marvin Stevens, George Wilhelms, Warren Tufts, W.T. Vinson, Willie Ito, Shean, John Stanley, Ned, Ward Kimball

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