Action Comics #437

DC     July, 1974

Reprints from Sea Devils #1, Mystery in Space #85, Western Comics #77, My Greatest Adventure #3, Doll Man #13; 100 Page Giant

Magic Is Bustin’ Out All Over!; The First Frogman!; The Sea Devils Vs. The Octopus Man!; Riddle Of The Runaway Rockets!; The Barbed Wire Barricade!; I Was King Of The Daredevils!; The Man Who Returned From The Dead!

 Elliot S! Maggin, Robert Kanigher, Gardner Fox, Dick Wood, William Woolfolk

 Curt Swan, Gil Kane, Ross Andru, Russ Heath, Carmine Infantino, John Prentice, Al Bryant

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United States RHobold $24.00 Cover Stamps/Writing: small date stamp or initials, Cover Gloss: very good, Surface Wear: minimal
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United States Jeffsmoola $21.12 103
United States Jeffsmoola $11.44 11b
United States tlig $18.00 Giant-sized issue (100 pages)
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United States donner5 $19.00 Box A-1
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