Action Comics #373

DC     April, 1969

Reprints from Action Comics #258 (Nov 1959), #276 (May 1961), #277 (Jun 1961), #287 (Apr 1962) and #291 (Aug 1962); Origin of Supergirl retold; Mar-Apr issue; 80-Page Giant; Giant-Size; Supergirl guest-starring the whole Superman family; Time travel

The Battle of the Super-Pets!; The Bride of Mr. Myxyzptlk!; Supergirl’s Farewell to Earth!; The War Between Supergirl and the Supermen Emergency Squad!; Supergirl’s Greatest Challenge!

 Jerry Siegel, Otto Binder, Robert Bernstein

 Jim Mooney, Wayne Boring

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United States CapCoComics $25.00 Reprints from Action Comics #258, 276-277, 287, 291 Supergirl stories guest-starring the whole Superman family GD/VG, Looks better but 1 1/2 inch spine split at bottom