Kingdom Come Deluxe Set #1


Deluxe Slipcased edition; Collects mini-series with separate book titled Revelations; Revelations includes gatefold Kingdom Come Genealogy; Introduction by Clark Norman Ross; Signed and Numbered; Publication design & production by Graphitti Designs; ca. 1997

Witness To The End; Strange Visitor; Truth And Justice; Up In The Sky; Never-Ending Battle; Memorial; Revelations: From Here To Kingdom Come; Icons Of Virtue; Norman McCay; Spectre; Chapter One: The League; Chapter Two: A Silent Cavalry; Chapter Three: Titans; Chapter Four: Wild Cards; Chapter Five: A New Breed; Keys To The Kingdom: An Annotated Guide; Gallery; Evolution: A Page In Development; Curtain Call: The Cast; Acknowledgments; Generations: A Kingdom Come Genealogy (gatefold)

 Mark Waid, Clark Norman Ross, Alex Ross

 Alex Ross

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