The Blackhawk Archives #1

DC     August, 2001

Hardcover; Reprints Military Comics #1-17 (Blackhawks stories only); Reprints Blackhawk stories from Military Comics #1–17; 1st appearance of the Blackhawks; 1st appearance of the Blackhawk; Origin of the Blackhawks; Origin of the Blackhawk; 238 pages; Foreward by Mark Evanier; Includes 1-page map of Blackhawk Island; Includes 1-page song of the Blackhawks; Redone cover of #13; Includes 17-page cover gallery & creator bios

The Origin of Blackhawk; The Coward Dies Twice; The Doomed Battalion; Desert Death; Map of Blackhawk Island; Scavengers of Doom; The Vial of Death; The Return of Genghis Khan; The Sunken Island of Death; The Song of the Blackhawks; The Man in the Iron Mask; Trapped in the Devil’s Oven; Fury in the Philippines; The Curse of Xanukhara; Blackhawk vs. The Butcher; Tondeleyo; Men Who Never Came Back; Blackhawk vs. The Fox; The Golden Bell of Soong-Toy!

 Will Eisner, Bob Powell, Dick French, Bill Woolfolk

 Chuck Cuidera, Reed Crandall

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