Adventure Comics #266

DC     November, 1959

The Super-Pranks of Krypto!; cartoon: Sue; PSA: New Stars for Old Glory; Aquaman Meets Aquagirl!; cartoon: Little Pete; The Case of the Vanishing Arrows!; cartoon: Movie Mirth

 Robert Bernstein, Henry Boltinoff

 Ramona Fradon, Henry Boltinoff

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Very Good  
United States CapCoComics $25.00 New VG+, "8" written on cover in grease paencil. Scans availble.
United States MScheele $18.00 Cover soiling (moderate fading/discoloration/soiling), Cover bends (large creases or bends, possibly with color breaks)
United States kdevine $19.95 Superboy cover