Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told Book #1 Hardcover

DC     March, 1988

Hardcover; Reprints stories From Action Comics #4, 241, Superman (1st series) #13,30,53,123,125,129,.132, 145, 149, 162, 247, Superman Annual #11, Superman (2nd series) #2, Look Magazine, 1943, Superboy (1st series) #68, Forever People #1; Published in celebration of Supermanís 50th Anniversary; 336 pages; Introductions by John Byrne & Mike Gold; End Notes by Robert Greenberger

Introduction; Superman versus Luthor; Superman versus the Archer; What if Superman Ended the War?; The Mysterious Mr. Mxyzplk; The Origin of Superman; The Girl of Steel; Clark Kentís College Days; The Super Key to Fort Superman; The Battle with Bizarro; The Girl from Supermanís Past; Supermanís Other Life; The Night of March 31st; The Death of Superman; The Amazing Story of Superman-Red & Superman-Blue; The Forever People; Must there be a Superman?; For the Man who has Everything; The Secret Revealed; End Notes

 Jerry Siegel, Otto Binder, Bill Finger, Leo Dorfman, Jack Kirby, Elliot S! Maggin, Alan Moore, John Byrne

 Joe Shuster, John Sikela, Wayne Boring, Dick Sprang, Al Plastino, George Papp, Curt Swan, Jack Kirby, Dave Gibbons, John Byrne

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