Mad #135

E.C.     June, 1970

Easy Rider, Then Came Bronson, Richard Nixon parodies

MAD’s Modern Believe It or Nuts!; Sleazy Riders; One Day Downtown; U.S. Folksy Income Tax Return 1969; Life From the Broadside!; MAD Book of Magic & Other Dirty Tricks; A MAD Peek Behind the Scenes At a Fancy Restaurant; Lighter Side of Worry, The; A MAD "Minute Nature Story"; A MAD Look at Footprints; More Up-to-Date Health & Safety Songs for Children; Then Came Bombsome; You Know You’re Really a Bore When…; MAD’s Modernized College Entrance Exam; Richard M. Nixon Presidential Primer

 Arnie Kogen, Larry Siegel, Don Martin, Dick de Bartolo, Sergio Aragones, Sidney Paulson, Al Jaffee, Dave Berg, Dean Norman, Stan Hart, Tom Koch, Max Brandel

 Bob Clarke, Mort Drucker, Don Martin, Sergio Aragones, Jack Rickard, Al Jaffee, Dave Berg, George Woodbridge, Angelo Torres, Paul Coker Jr.

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United States MScheele $2.25 Cover soiling (minor staining/foxing)
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