The Best of DC #61

DC     June, 1985

Reprints from Action Comics #554, Atari Force #8, Blue Devil #5, Green Lantern (2nd Series) #177, Legion of Super-Heroes #308, Sgt. Rock #391, The New Teen Titans #38, The Saga of the Swamp Thing #21; Year’s Best Comics Stories

The Anatomy Lesson; If Superman Didn’t Exist…; Killers Also Smile; Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?; Final Duties; Viva Nebiros; Who is Donna Troy?; Babe’s Story

 Alan Moore, Marv Wolfman, Robert Kanigher, Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Len Wein, Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin, George Pérez, Gerry Conway, Andy Helfer

 Stephen R. Bissette, Gil Kane, Adrian Gonzalez, George Tuska, Paris Cullins, George Pérez, José Luis García-López

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