Wonderworld Comics #10

Fox     February, 1940

The Flame; Yarko; Shorty Shortcake; Patty O’Day; Dr. Fung; Tex Maxon; Don Quixote; K-51, Spies at War; Spark Stevens

The Flame; Yarko; Shorty Shortcake in Guatemala; Patty O’Day; Dr. Fung; Tommy Taylor in the Land above the Clouds (text story); Tex Maxon: The Slickers at Salton Sink; Don Quixote: On the War Front; Spark Stevens; K-51: Spies at War

 Bob Powell, Claire Moe, Klaus Nordling, Willis Rensie, Will Eisner, S.M. Iger

 Lou Fine, Bob Powell, S. M. Iger, Claire Moe, Klaus Nordling

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