Mad Super Special #100


Collector’s Series #9; #115019/90000; Late Fall

Death Wishers; One Day in a Garage; You Know You’re Really a Pet Owner When…; Inventions We’d Like to See; Has Anybody Ever Really Heard…; Spy vs Spy; A MAD Look at the Joys of Scuba Diving (A Study in Depth); A MAD Look at Fairy Tales; MAD Air Travel Primer, The; American Jokes They’re Telling in Poland; Lighter Side of Week-Ends, The; One Day in an Italian Restaurant; MAD Plan to Beautify America, The; A MAD Look at Sun ’n’ Surf; Churlie’s Angles; MAD Morphs (posters); MAD Diplomacy in Everyday Life Situations; One Wednesday Evening in a Restaurant Men’s Room; If the World of Yesterday Faced the Conditions of Today; Casey at the Talks; Early One Morning In the Jungle

 Stan Hart, Sergio Aragones, Don Martin, Lloyd Gola, Paul Peter Porges, Larry Sharp, Antonio Prohias, Al Jaffee, Dick de Bartolo, Larry Siegel, Frank Jacobs, Dave Berg, Lou Silverstone, Don Edwing

 Mort Drucker, Sergio Aragones, Don Martin, Lloyd Gola, Al Jaffee, Jerry de Fuccio, Antonio Prohias, Bob Clarke, George Woodbridge, Paul Coker Jr., Dave Berg, Paul Peter Porges, Angelo Torres, Jack Davis, Frank Frazetta

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