Blue Beetle (1st Series) #1

Fox     December, 1939

Reprints Mystery Men Comics #1-5; Reprints Wonder Comics #2; Reprints Wonderworld Comics #3-5; Reprints from Mystery Men Comics #1-5; 1st appearance of Blue Beetle I (Dan Garrett); 1st appearance of Dan Garrett; 1st appearance of Blue Beetle; 1st appearance of Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett); Origin of Blue Beetle; Origin of Blue Beetle I (Dan Garrett); Origin of Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett); Winter 1939

The Origin of Blue Beetle; The Coming of the Blue Beetle; The Armored Truck Robbery; The Loan Shark Racket; Protection Insurance For Newsboys; A Trap For the Blue Beetle; Death Rides on Horseback (text story); Yarko: The Old Hex House; Yarko: Death and the Devil; Yarko: The Judge’s Wife and the Smugglers; Yarko: Vladim the Voodoo Master

 Will Eisner

 Charles Nicholas, Will Eisner

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