52 #9

DC     July 6, 2006

1st appearance of Batwoman (Kathy Kane); Indicia Says September 2006

Dream of America; History of the DCU, Part 8

 Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, Dan Jurgens

 Keith Giffen, Shawn Moll, Dan Jurgens

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United States MJ Collectibles $11.00 1st appearance of Batwoman (cameo) Herakles appearance Devilance the Pursuer appearance Batwoman cameo Steel appearance Animal Man appearance Starfire appearance Adam Strange appearance Renee Montoya appearance Question appearance Batwoman appearance Steel, Animal Man, Starfire, Adam Strange, Renee Montoya, Question Lex Luthor appearance
United States phydoe $11.50  
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United States cyberspacecomics $29.99 1st appearance of Batwoman (Kathy Kane) - cameo on one page