Avengers Assemble (2nd Series) #3 Hardcover

Marvel     July, 2006

Hardcover; Collects from Avengers (Vol. 3) #1.5, 23–34, and Thunderbolts #42–44; Price increase

Showdown; Harsh Judgments; The Ninth Day; …Under Cover of Night!; New Order; The Death-Song of Kulan Gath, Part 1; Long Shadows of Forgotten Spires; A dream of Bitter Ash; Conclusion; And So it Begins…; Two Ships; Behind the Masque!; Chasing Your Own Tail!; Tanited Love; Keeping an Ion the Crowd!; The Nefaria Protocols; The Death-Trap of Doctor Doom!

 Kurt Busiek, Fabian Nicieza, Roger Stern

 George Pérez, Mark Bagley, Stuart Immonen, Paul Ryan, Bruce Timm

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