Captain America: Red, White & Blue #1 Hardcover

Marvel     September, 2002

Collects Captain America (3rd Series) #50 and Marvel Spotlight: Captain America Remembered #1

Origin; The Legend and the Lore; Why I Fight; AN Epic Battle; Faces; Cap Versus Rarebit; They Just Fade Away; Red Under the Mask!; Red Raid; American Dream; Capsploitation; The Pledge; A Winter’s Tale; Skull and Zemo; Desecration; Keep in Mind; To the Core; Relics; A Moment of Silence; Stars & Stripes Forever

 Paul Dini, Tony Salmons, Bruce Jones, Darko Macan, Paul Pope, Nick Bertozzi, Peter Kuper, Max Allan Collins, Yann Lepennetier, Mark Waid, Karl Bollers, Paul D. Storrie, Scott Ciencin, Kathryn Kuder, Dan Jurgens, Brian David-Marshall, Jen van Meter, Evan Dorkin

 Alex Ross, Tony Salmons, Richard Piers Rayner, Bruce Timm, Paul Pope, Peter Kuper, Frank Quitely, Vatche Mavlian, Philippe Berthet, Mike Huddleston, Dean Haspiel, David Lloyd, Pasqual Ferry, Evan Dorkin, Mike Deodato Jr., Alex Niño, Stuart Immonen, Dan Jurgens, Igor Kordey, Brian Hurtt, Kevin Maguire

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