Colossal Comic #14

Colour     August, 1960

The Batman Machine; When Superboy Couldn’t Fly; Murder In the Sky; Chip; The Human Race; The Brain of Steel; Fake Superboy; Gossip Leads To Murder; Professor Pry; How Clark Kent Met Lois Lane; A Sword, a Rifle, and a Bow; The Boy who Talked too Much; The Evil of Silvertip; Jockey Olsen Rides Star Flash; Mystery of the Sky Museum; The First Undersea Newspaper; The Undersea Archers; The Wealthy Sandwich Man; cartoon: Varsity Vic; Journey to the Top of the World

 Bill Finger, Otto Binder, Edmond Hamilton, Henry Boltinoff

 Dick Sprang, Curt Swan, Reed Crandall, John Sikela, George Papp, Sheldon Moldoff, Ramona Fradon, Henry Boltinoff

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