Comic Book Artist (Top Shelf) #2

Top Shelf     October, 2003

Liberty Meadows Cover; Squarebound; 112 pages

Ye Ed’s Rant: My Summer Blackout; Knowles Knows: Show Me the Magic; Khoury’s Corner, Ales Ross: Myth-Maker; Comic Book Chit-Chat; Fandom’s Faddah: A Talk with the Legendary Julie Schwartz; Must Have, Double-Bagger: Joe Kubert’s Yossel; Allred in the Family: Catching Up with the Madman creator; A. DaVid’s Watching: American Splendor; Irving on the Inside: Flying High with Rags Morales; Critical Mass: Reviews by Ye Ed, Joe McCabe & Frank Plowright; Fred Hembeck’s Dateline: @*!?#; Alex Ross Sketchbook; Frank Cho: The Monkey Boy Speaks!; Frank Cho Art Gallery; J.J. Sedelmaier: An Unambiguously Happy Life; Comic Book Artist Classic; Star*Reach Color Cover Gallery; Reaching for the Stars: A Star*Reach Overview; Mike Friedrich: The Saga of Star*Reach; Complet Star*Reach Comics Index; To Be Continued…

 Jon B. Cooke, Chris Knowles, Greg Khoury, A DaVid, Chris Irving, Arlen Schumer, Fred Hembeck, Joseph McCabe

 Frank Cho, Alex Ross, J.G. Jones, Donald Simpson, Joe Kubert, Mike Allred, Jack Kirby, Rags Morales, Fred Hembeck, J.J. Sedelmaier, Howard Caykin, Lee Marrs, Jim Starlin, Neal Adams, Frank Brunner, Jeff Jones, Barry Windsor-Smith, Robin, Bob Kane, Gil Kane, Dick Dillin, Irv Novick, Alex Toth, Kane, Herb Trimpe, Bill Everett, Steve Leialoha, Dave Sim, Ted Richards, Michael T. Gilbert, Alan Kupperberg, Scott Shaw!, Dot Bucher, Ken Macklin, Mike Vosburg, Joe Staton, P. Craig Russell, Gene Day, Dick Ayers, John Byrne

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