The Mammoth Book of Best War Comics #1

Carroll & Graf     June 28, 2007

US edition; Trade paperback; 512 pages; B&W

I Saw It!; The Tin-Pot Foreign General & the Old Iron Woman; Charley’s War; Snow; Desert; Lone Hawk; The Landings in Sicily; Landscape; 5.56 Blues; Souvenirs; A Bullet for Me; Combat Zone; The Legion of Charlies; You Only Lose Once; Breakout!; Pearl Harbot; Your Luck Just Ran Out…; Last Day in Vietnam; The Casualty; The Road to Glory; Sand; Long Distance Runner; Bowl of Rice; Slaughterhouse Safari; School Essays of Berlin Kinds About the Year 1945; Casting Stones

 Keiji Nakazawa, Raymond Briggs, Pat Mills, Askold Akishin, Carol Swain, Archie Goodwin, Don Lomax, Darko Macan, Tom Veitch, Sam Glanzman, Will Eisner, Mark Chadbourn, Danijel Zezelj, Ed Hillyer, Fabian Goranson, Ulli Lust, Eric Drooker, Alexey Malakhov

 Keiji Nakazawa, Raymond Briggs, Joe Colquhoun, Askold Akishin, Carol Swain, Alex Toth, Joe Orlando, Don Lomax, John Severin, Edvin Biukovic, Greg Irons, Sam Glanzman, Nathan Massengill, Danijel Zezelj, Ed Hillyer, Fabian Goranson, Kai Pfeiffer, Eric Drooker, Will Eisner, Alexey Malakhov

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