Negative Burn (Image) #13

Image     August, 2007


Closer to the Sky; Father of 3; This is Where I Am; Blackboard Jumble; Yes, Mother; The Horror of Dieting; Reflected Glory; The Inn Between; Jimmy; Sketchbook; Amazing! Retail Facts; Headin’ South; Mr. Mamoulian

 Jeremy Nichols, Dove McHargue, Ellton Pruitt, R.G. Taylor, Elizabeth Genco, Neil Kleid, Mike Raicht, Bradley Walton, Maggie McFee, Doug Wagner, Sam Costello, Brian Bolland

 Raymond Rieck, Dove McHargue, Noel Tuazon, R.G. Taylor, Sami Makkonen, Maggie McFee, Dash Shaw, Dalibor Talajic, Rob Haynes, Matthew Dow Smith, Jim Schumaker, Kyle Strahm, Brian Bolland

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