Crazy (Magazine) #16

Marvel     March, 1976

Gook Times; CRAZY News of the Month; CRAZY Guide to Making Your Own Hollywood Film; Specialized Marriage Vows; How to Hande a Carsick Child; What’s in a Name?; Hollywood Spinoffs on Jaws; History of Moosekind, Part XVI: Moose in Space; CRAZY Goes to the Circus; CRAZY Guide to Body Language; CRAZY Visits a Typical Golf Course; Movie Monsters Christmas Lists; CRAZY Letters of Our Time; Will Eisner’s Gleeful Guide to Astrology: Sagittarius; We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This…; CRAZY Movie Casting; CRAZY Stickers; CRAZY Matchbook Covers

 Len Herman, Paul Laiken, Bruce Carlin, Howard Tockman, Michael Pellowoski, Anita Goldwasser, David Kelly, John Stevens, Frank Wail, Will Eisner

 Marie Severin, Murad Gumen, Bob Smith, Diane Levin, John Stevens, Michael Ricigliano, Bill Burke, Will Eisner, Bill DuBay

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