Students for a Democratic Society: A Graphic History #1 Hardcover

Hill and Wang

Hardcover; B&W; ca. 2008

SDS Highlights; Local Scenes; White Boy Narrative; My Life in SDS; Fill-In LeBlanc; Itís a Long Way to Hazard; Cleveland ERAP Project; JOIN Chicago; I Ainít Marchiní Anymore; The Heather Tobis Booth Story: 1964-66; Austin Stories; Vignettes from New Orleans; More Love; My Life at Stake; Madison Strike Riot; Remembering 1968; My Mimeographer Career, 1968; The SDS Magazine; Iowa SDS Story; A Childrenís Revolution; Turn Your Chairs Around; With SDSer Michael Balter at UCLA and in the Army; Kent State; Weathermen; Saving the Archives; Adventures in Participatory Democracy; SDS Revived

 Harvey Pekar, Paul Buhle, Mark Naison, Penelope Rosemont, Paul LeBlanc, Nick Thorkelson, Alan Wald, John Pietaro, Heather Tobis Booth, Gene Booth, Mariann Wizard, Alice Embree, Eric Gordon, Freddy Perlman, Josh Brown, David Rosheim, James D. Cennamo, Max Elbaum, Wes Modes, Sandy Lillydahl, Bruce Rubenstein

 Gary Dumm, Summer McClinton, John Pietaro, Gene Booth, James D. Cennamo, Wes Modes, Ed Piskor

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