Alter Ego (TwoMorrows) #84

TwoMorrows     March, 2009

Includes tributes to Will Elder and Tom Fagan

Silver Threads Among The Golden; The Steve Skeates; You two Guys Ought To Do Something Together!; Esalen And The X-Men; Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt!: Twice~Told EC!; Another Clause in The ’Will; Comic Fandom Archive: Tom Fagan; A Tribute to Will Elder; Fawcett Collectors of America #143; We Didn’t Know it was The Golden Age!; The De Fuccio Papers, Part 3; Jerry De Fuccio and The Hstory of Comics

 Roy Thomas, John Schwirian, Steve Skeates, Jim Amash, Jeffrey J. Kripal, Michael T. Gilbert, Bill Schelly, Martin L. Griem, Mark Evanier, Marc Swayze, Ron Frantz

 Dan Adkins, Steve Ditko, Jim Aparo, Sergio Aragonés, Pat Boyette, Dick Giordano, Gil Kane

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