Archieís Pals Ďní Gals Double Digest #133

Archie     August, 2009

Reprints Jackpot Comics #5; Reprints Archieís Rival Reggie #1

Archie; Archieís Rival Reggie: Ferocious Fems; Archieís Rival Reggie: The Hapless Hazer; Archieís Rival Reggie: The Jokers; Archieís Rival Reggie: Screen Test; Archieís Rival Reggie: Happy Daze; Reggie: The Assignment; Archie: Skate Haven; Bad News and Good News!; The Archies: Memories Are Made of This!; Sabrina: Treasure Trouble; Sabrina: Cat-astrophic; Archie and Friends: The Olí Shell Game; Archie: Best Job on the Beach; Big Moose: Fail Tale; Liíl Jinx: Going Batty!; Liíl Jinx: Fishing Feat!; Liíl Jinx by the Sea ďSoreĒ; Liíl Jinxís Pal Charley: Getting Better!; Liíl Jinx: Aim of the Game!; Jughead: Trail Tale; Reggie: Camp Fire Days; Josie and the Pussycats: Cat at the Crossroads; Josie and the Pussycats: Whatís That; Dilton: Rescue Mission; Moose: Spiel Deal; YOU can do a graphic novel; Archie and the Gang: Homebodies; Reggie: Dome Come; Reggie: Vain Refrain; Reggie: When Reggie Meets Reggie

 Bob Montana, George Frese, Fernando Ruiz, Barbara Slate

 Bob Montana, George Frese, Fernando Ruiz

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