Captain America Spotlight #1

Marvel     July, 2011

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First Vengeance: The Captain America Movie Prelude; Behind The Lines: The Spotlight Interview With Ed Brubaker and Jackson Guice; Going To War With Ultimate Captain America; Ultimate Sketchbook: Ron Garney; Captain America: A Man Out Of Time; Tales To Astonish! Andy n Adiís Astonishing Captain America; Okay Axis, Here We Come! An Invaders Retrospective; What They Were Saying Then: Captain Americaís Kooky Quartet; Out Of The Past: Unlocking Sterankoís Captain America

 John Rhett Thomas, Chris Arrant, Mike Conroy, Robert Greenberger, Jess Harrold, Doug Trodglen

 Blammo, Michael Kronenberg, Pablo Rivera, Alex Ross, Butch Guice, Ron Garney, Jorge Molina, Adi Granov, Frank Robbins, Frank Springer, Alex Schomburg, Jack Kirby, Carlos Pacheco, Jim Steranko

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