Avengers Assemble (2nd Series) #1


Collects Avengers (Vol. 3) #1-11 and Annual 1998, Iron Man (Vol. 3) #7, Captain America (Vol. 3) #8, Quicksilver #10

What ? You Mean Me ?!; Once An Avenger…Part 1; Once An Avenger…Part 2; The Call; Once An Avenger…Part 3; Fata Morgana; Too Many Avengers!; Accusation Most Foul; Earth’s Mightiest Frauds; To Challenge a Champion!; Live Kree or Die -, Part 4; The Court Martial of Carol Danvers; Turbulence!; The Vilain who Fell from Grace with the Earth; Pomp & Pageantry; …Always an Avenger !

 Kurt Busiek, Len Kaminski

 George Pérez, Carlos Pacheco

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