Archie & Friends Double Digest #7

Archie     September, 2011

Versus The Ice-Cube; Versus The Witch Doctor; Features Great Eastern Convention, Chicago Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con

Archie: Cold Cash; Reggie: Foil Oil; Archie: Deep Water!; Reggie: The Pitcher; Reggie: Bam Slam; Dilton: The Case of the Malted Falcon!; Leroy: Bright Sprite!; Reggie: Mr. Ego!; Archie & Friends: The Book; Dilton: She Doesn’t Compute!; Jughead: Shrewd Dude; Archie’s Weird Mysteries: Mystery of the Mole Monster!; Archie: Friendship Ahoy; Reggie: Slick Chick; Reggie: Reggie: Money Honey; The Archies: Viva La Difference; Archie: Polarized; Moose: Sun Fun; Moose: Link Lunk; Archie: The Rescuer; Archie & Friends; The Next Big Thing!; Archie: Déjà Vu; Jug: A Fish Tale!; Reggie: The Experiment; Hot Dog Pinup; Reggie: Hole Control; Archie1: Summer Fun… And Summer Not; Archie1: What’s in a Name?; Archie1: The Backward Advance; Moose: Dirty Pool!; Archie: Dipsy Doodle; Betty and Veronica: A Summer Fantasy: Ultimo the Ultimate Teen

 Frank Doyle

 Bob White, Fernando Ruiz, Jon D’Agostino, Dan Parent, Bob Bolling, Stan Goldberg, Pat Kennedy, Henry Scarpelli, Rex W. Lindsey, Harry Lucey, Jeff Shultz

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