Archie & Friends Double Digest #10

Archie     December, 2011

Mad Doctor Doom’s Dupe!; Ignorance Is Bliss; Behind the Faculty Lounge Door!; Fear Factor!; What Goes Up; Trade Charade; The Birdmen of Riverdale; It Must Be Magic!; The Star; Archie’s Weird Mysteries: How Not to Capture a Bigfoot!; Archie’s Weird Mysteries: Things That Go Bump, Thump & Clump in the Night!; My Laptop Is Missing!; Back-Pack Mystery Kit!; Litter Bugged; Election Selection; Tower of Power; The New Archies: Pool Fools; The New Archies: The Eyes Have It!; The New Archies: The Write Way; The New Archies: Not a Good Skate; Finder’s Fee; Artistic License; The Abraca-Dabbler; Linebacker Larceny; Message Mess; Shock & Roll

 Frank Doyle, Scott Cunningham, Mike Pellowski, Craig Boldman, George Gladir, Paul Castiglia, Joe Edwards, Tim Kennedy

 Bob White, Stan Goldberg, Pat Kennedy, Henry Scarpelli, Bob Bolling, Chic Stone, Fernando Ruiz, Samm Schwartz, Joe Edwards, Tim Kennedy

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