Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #38

Archie     January, 1989

Two for One; Clock Yock; The Worrier; The Gift; Big Ethyl Reporter; Science Saga; The Lunch Crunch; Hurry Up and Wait!; Photo Finish; Miss Mess; Mission Impossible- (Absolutely); I Only Have Eyes For You; Loyalty; Program Director; Report Retort; Glad Hand; The Start of Something Big!; Double Date; Star Breaker; Friend In Need; Mister Appetite; Job Jibe; Boy Joy; Born to Bungle; Rumor Has It; A New Broom; The Sounds of Silence; Copy Caper; The Right Touch!; Idle Idol’s Idyll; Mail Wail; Peter Goon- Private Eye; That’s The Ticket; Snap Happy; On The Brighter Side!; Young Doc Andrews; The Rivals; Run For Your Life!; Don’t Quote Me; Shoes Ruse; Phony-Graft; Beauty and the Feast; Ski Tee-Hee; Boots; Spark of Sucess; Who’s Excited; Early To Rise; A Star Is Born; Puck Pluck; Put Them All Together!

 Jim Ruth, George Gladir

 Chic Stone, Samm Schwartz

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