Angry Apes ’n’ Leapin’ Lizards #1

Pure Imagination

Reprints Gorgo #1, 11, 14; Reprints Konga #1, 13, 14; Reprints Return of Gorgo #2; Reprints Konga’s Revenge #2; Over-Size; Trade paperback; Collects material from Gorgo #1, 11, 14, Konga #1, 13, 14, Return of Gorgo #2, and Konga’s Revenge #2; 160 pages; Movie adaptation; 1st 2 stories adapt movies; New text piece by Jack Theakston; Redone cover of Konga #6; B&W; ca. 2011

The Talent That Made the Terrors; (text); Gorgo; Konga; The Master Plan; Gorgo’s Triumph; The Peacemaker; Deadlier Than Man; The Creature from Corpus III; Konga’s Revenge

 Jack Theakston

 Steve Ditko

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