Archie & Friends Double Digest #14

Archie     May, 2012

Pureheart the Powerful: Mite and Maim; Treasure Quest; Very Touching; Yak Flak; The Critic; Slick Chick; The Little Wheel; Bowl Toll; The Great Quiz Whiz Contest!; Picture This!; Late but Great; Archie’s Mysteries: Charitable Taking; Know When to Fold!; The New Archies: Promises! Promises!; The New Archies: She Bakes the Cake; The New Archies: The Library Card; Hide Chide; To Moose Low Tech; Lost Chance; Bicker Snickers; Boom Box; Four is a Crowd; New Superkid in Town

 Frank Doyle, Fernando Ruiz, Dick Malmgren, Craig Boldman, Mike Pellowski, Tim Kennedy, Paul Castiglia, Barbara Jarvie, Joe Edwards, George Gladir, Holly Golightly

 Bob White, Fernando Ruiz, Dick Malmgren, Henry Scarpelli, Stan Goldberg, Tim Kennedy, Joe Edwards, Holly Golightly

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