Action Comics #544

DC     June, 1983

1st Appearance of Brainiac (robotic body); 1st Appearance of Lex Luthor (in armor); Origin of Brainiac (robotic body); Origin of Lex Luthor (in armor)

Luthor Unleashed!; Rebirth!

 Cary Bates, Marv Wolfman, Jerry Siegel

 Curt Swan, Gil Kane, George Pérez, Ed Hannigan, Joe Shuster

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United States $6.00 1st Appearance of Brainiac (New) 1st Appearance of Lex Luthor (New) Origin Braniac (New) Origin of Brainiac (New) Origin of Lex Luthor (New) 45th Anniversay issue Happy 45th Anniversary Superman! text by Jerry Siegel/Joe Shuster New Luthor and Braniac 45th Anniversary issue C:45th anniversary issue (giant-sized) Joe Shuster pin-up Giant-sized Pinup of new Luthor by George Perez Pinup of new Brainiac by Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano
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