The Amazing Spider-Man #375

Marvel     March, 1993

30th anniversary special; Metallic ink cover; Foil cover; Sets stage for Venom #1; E6320

The Bride Of Venom; True Friends; The Monster Within; Echoes…

 David Michelinie, Tom DeFalco, Eric Fein, Terry Kavanagh

 Mark Bagley, Patrick Olliffe, Dan Panosian, Aaron Lopresti

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United States DWysocki $4.50 NB031, NB033, NB038
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United States kencausey $2.00 SALE! 20% OFF! Poorly printed with small bits of foil missing, otherwise NM. #5601
United States comicgranpop $3.75 1st appearance Mysterio (identified as such) Origin of Mysterio Venom appearance