Doctor Who Graphic Novel #15


Vol. 15: Nemesis of the Daleks (The Collected Seventh Doctor Comic Strips Vol. 2)

Nemesis of the Daleks; Stairway to Heaven; Once in a Lifetime; Hunger from the Ends of Time!; War World!; Technical Hitch; A Switch in Time!; The Sentinel!; Who’s That Girl!; The Enlightenment of Ly-Chee the Wise; Slimmer!; Niveveh!; Train-Flight; Doctor Conkerer!; Abslom Daak… Dalek Killer; Star Tigers

 Richard Alan, Steve Alan, John Freeman, Dan Abnett, John Tomlinson, Simon Furman, Simon Jowett, Mike Collins, Tim Robins, Steve Moore

 Lee Sullivan, Geoff Senior, John Ridgway, Art Wetherell, Andrew Wildman, John Marshall, Cam Smith, Steve Dillon

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