The Big Book of Scandal! #1

Paradox     January, 1998

Anthology; Introduction & Afterword by Stephen DeStefano; 191 pages; B&W

Tawdry Tinseltown; Fatty Arbuckle: No Tears For The Fat Man; The Great Lover; Deat Of A Mystery Man; All-American Junky; Charlie Chaplin; The Ice Cream Blonde; Mary Astor’s Little Blue Book; In Like Flynn; The Sweater Girl And The Gangster; The Loves of Ingrid Bergman; E!; The Scandel That Sank A Studio; Murder, Mayhem, And The Cotton Club; Don Simpson: Fast Track; Heidi Fleiss, Hollywood Madam; Woody And Mia; Hollywood Bad Boys; Society Sleaze; Murder Of The Century; The Princess And The Ice Queen; Death And The Diet Doctor; Jimmy Swaggart In Hell; The Ballad Of Jim & Tammy; Sex, Drugs And Rox; Cyril Burt: The Intelligence Man; The King And Mrs. Simpson; Charles And Diana; O.J.’s Final Run; Cirque Du O.J.; Wacko Jacko; Politics As Usual; The Ways And Means Of Lust; The Profumo Affair; X-Rated Congress; Rocky; From Camelot To Chappaquiddick; He Said, She Said; Pants-Free Presidents; Watergate; The Iran-Contra Scandal; The Wrong Arm Of The Law; The Great S & L Robbery; The Wilson-Terpil Affair; The Friends Of Eddie Koch; Dirty Business; The Fugitive; Collision Course; Pirates Of Finance; Farewell To Cap’n Bob; The Lockheed Scandel; When Bankers Go Bad; Thalidomide Nightmare; Whose Virus Is It Anyway?; Death At Love Canal; Exploding Pintos; Cyber Porn Scare

 Jonathan Vankin

 Alan Weiss, Alex Wald, Anthony Castrillo, Arnold Pander, Brian Buniak, Colleen Doran, Craig Hamilton, D’Israeli, David Lloyd, Gregory Benton, Hilary Barta, Marie Severin, Michael Perkins, Paul Gulacy, Rick Geary, Steve Pugh, Ty Templeton, Eric Shanower, Jean-Claude Padilla, Randy DuBurke, Robert Snyder, Rick Parker, Anthony Modano, Joe Orlando, Bryan Talbot, Hunt Emerson, John Cebollero, Graham Manley, Danny Hellman, Cully Hamner, Charlie Adlard, Andrew Wendel, Don Cameron, Dan Lawlis, Sergio Aragonés, Ward Sutton, Joe Sacco, Tayyar Ozkan, Galen Showman, Shepherd Hendrix, Joe Staton, Steve Mannion, Bob Hall, Dick Giordano, Robin Smith, Steven Lieber, Walt Simonson, S. M. Taggart, Lennie Mace, Jim Pascoe, Bob Fingerman, Glenn Barr, Alwyn Talbot

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