Aesopís Desecrated Morals #1

Magnecom     June, 1994


The Assembly of Victimized Animals; The Crocodiles Who Wanted a King; The Tortoise and the Hare; The Fox and the Swallow; The Musician; The Warhorse and the U.S. Postal Employee; The Dog and His Bone; The Ant and the Grasshopper; The Fox and the Masks; The Country Rat and the Laboratory Rat; About the Author (Aesop); The Wolf Who Cried Sheep; The Dogs and the Hides; The NRA in Sheepís Clothing; The Mouse and the Lion; The Elephant and Aphrodite; The Exploding Frogs; The Pet Store and the Chinese Restaurant; The Frog and the Snake; The North Wind and the Sun; The Hares and Dr. Kevorkian; The Ant and the Dove; The Boastful Wick; The Crow and the Pitcher; The Country Maid and Her Comics Collection

 Doug Wheeler

 William Messner-Loebs, Eric Vincent, Jill Thompson, Kelley Jones, David Gatzmer, Kevin Atkinson, Phil Foglio, Joe Staton, Ken Meyer Jr., Delfin Barral, Charles Vess, Linda Medley, Earl Geier, Mark Badger, Batton Lash, Rick Geary, Bill Koeb, Bernie Mireau

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